8 Ways to Optimize Your Conference Connections the Week After

8 Ways to Optimize Conference Connections

You’ve attended a conference and met some amazing people. Your motivation level is turned up to 11 and you’re ready to bust out some moves and get your blog or business going.

And then you come home.

And you’re tired.

And life happens.

And, before you know it, a month or two has gone by and you’ve done very little with the connections you made. (All those amazing connections! POOF! GONE! Just like that. Sucks, right?)

The best thing that you can do is to follow-up with those connections immediately when you get home. (Look, we know you’re tired but get over it. This is for your blog or business!)

8 Easy Ways to Stay Connected After a


1. Follow the speakers and attendees you connected with at the conference.

There’s a reason the speakers provide their contact information and social media accounts, so connect with them by following them on their accounts. Tell them what you appreciated. Tweet a great quote from them. And, be sure to follow the people you exchanged information with.

2. Endorse conference speakers on LinkedIn.

If you loved a speaker at a conference, endorse him or her on LinkedIn (and be sure to put more than “She was a great speaker!”). If you give a speaker an authentic glowing review, she’s going to remember you.

3. Write a post or article about the conference.

Connecting with the conference creators is one of the best things you can do for your networking. These are generally movers and shakers who have a vast network of connections. Write a post or article and link back to the conference site. And then? Tell the conference creators about it!

 4. Share about the conference on social media.

Tweet about it (and tag the conference account)! If you’re a conference cheerleader, the creators will definitely remember you. (Trust me on this one.)

5. Send personal emails to the connections you made at conferences.

I always jot notes on the business cards when I meet someone at an event. It might be something funny or it could be business-related. No matter, it is something that will help trigger the memory for the person about our conversation and I include that in the email that I send them.

TIP? Stick to matte business cards and not glossy. If people can’t write on your business cards then they can’t write notes about your meeting!

6. Interview a speaker or attendee for your site.

Did a speaker or attendee you met have information that would be a great fit for your blog or website? Interview them! It’s a way to connect them on a different level and you’ll definitely get to know them personally! (Not to mention, they’ll share on their social networks about your interview!)

7. Get involved in the conference’s social community.

If the conference has an online (or IRL) social community, get involved! The more you connect, the bigger chance that people will refer you for work!

8. Thank the conference sponsors.

Conference sponsors connect with a specific conference because of their audience and attendees. That means most of them are open to creating a relationship and opening dialogue. Genuinely supporting them and talking about them can create opportunities for you!

What has worked best for you in post-conference networking?

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8 Ways to Maximize Conference Connections Networking


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