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About Jacqueline Wilson: Author, Speaker, Educator

(Discriminating Sock Monkey Enthusiast)

Jacqueline Wilson is a published author, consultant, speaker, and educator. She is also the founder and editor of several successful websites, including HomeschoolSuperFreak.com.

She makes her living by doing things that she loves–writing and also speaking and consulting on the topics of business, marketing, blogging, social media, healthcare, and homeschooling. She has written around 50 proprietary books or guides for colleges, as well as college courses (both online and print).

Jacqueline WilsonJacqueline has been writing and consulting for over 16 years and specializes in academics, healthcare, small business, and homeschooling.

Jacqueline’s combined industry experience has allowed her to become the “go-to gal” for questions on the combined topics of writing, blogging, marketing, sales, SEO, web content and design, technology, branding and social media. Her experience includes over 16 years of experience writing and editing, consulting, training, and speaking for a variety of industries.

She also has a strong background in marketing and sales, with additional experience in the technology industry.

Jacqueline proudly works with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small companies, and large name brands and companies.

In addition to being a homeschooler, Jacqueline is also considers herself a/an: educator, college instructor, writer, published author, speaker, consultant, accidental pit bull advocate, feeder of people, and discriminating sock monkey enthusiast.

Leia the Rescue

She lives in the midwest with her husband and homeschooled daughter. She has a small collection of rescued pets in their home. One more and she wins a free set of steak knives.

Once upon a time, she owned a little bookstore on the water. (Yes, she misses it.)

In her free time she browses beach houses online and admires her sock monkey collection.

She’s really bad at selfies.

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