Starting the process to hire a freelancer can be a daunting.

Sometimes it feels a little like the Wild West out there and you’re just riding along on your horse with no map and no roads and you’re trying not to get shot.

While there are a ton of sites where you can hire a freelancer, those sites are also filled with a mix of professional freelancers and those who are just willing to make a quick buck without providing quality work.

You need to be aware of the warning signs of unprofessional freelancers so you don’t end up wasting time or money when you’re asking, How do I hire a freelancer?

So, you have a great idea, but you don’t know how to get it down on paper or make it work for your business, customers, or clients. QUICK: You need to learn how to hire a freelance writer.

However, hiring a freelance writer can be intimidating and confusing . . . not to mention, you can waste a ton of time and money hiring the wrong person and then being forced to hire another writer (and spending more time and money) because the first one didn’t work out.


When you’re a freelancer, your life is built on the hustle and thinking outside of the box. This means you’re always looking to increase your network (which makes attending business conferences or events in your niche super important). So, let’s give you some professional networking tips and effective networking strategies that you can use at your next meeting or conference to open doors for more freelance work.

This list is one of your best ways to network for a job during a conference or event (and is even a great way to learn how to network when you hate networking)!